• Raod Safety - Accident's distribution in TCC
  • Road Safety - Distribution of accidents
  • Road Safety - Roads in TCC

A number of projects in the environmental sector were approved within the overall €259 million aid program for the Turkish Cypriot community adopted in 2006, including a € 3 million project for Road Traffic Safety to support the process of progressive harmonization with the acquis communautaire, and to facilitate the reunification balancing social and economic issues of the two communities.

The detailed target was:

  • introduce standards and methods
  • support and develop environmental and safety issues
  • promote the use of international languages, in particular English
  • improve capacity both in administrative and technical sectors

To achieve these objectives several projects were implemented, including the Road Traffic Safety project that included:

  • an inventory of the existing primary road network, which includes among others information on classification, cross profiles and prevailing design standards
  • a collection of traffic data on an overall level
  • assessment of the primary road network in relation to safety aspects
  • preparation of legislation/regulation and guidelines for the implementation of road safety audits
  • development of a road safety management plan for the primary road network
  • development of guideline documents
  • training of staff to fill performance gaps in relation to the implementations of the safety plan for primary roads

The execution of the study lasted 12 months.



Waterways provided all the services, leading the association with STE (Rome), AGT (Perugia) and Akcan (Nicosia). The work was performed by a project director, a team leader, two GIS experts, three transport engineers, draftsmen and office support personnel for surveys, mapping, translations, editing.

The work was performed in Cyprus with the counterpart of the TCC office of the EuropeAid in Nicosia and the TCC Ministries of Transports and Interior.



Employer: EC
Client: EC
Country: Cyprus
Date: 2010
Amount: 300.000 €