• Pimo Farm - stream
  • Pimo Farm - dunes to be levelled
  • Pimo Farm  - Tractors for levelling
  • Pimo Farm - reservoir 5 Mm3 and dam

The Pimo Farm is one of the several initiatives of desert reclamation to improve agricultural production in Xinjiang and to provide social stabilization for the local Muslim community, allowing permanent possession of productive land.

The farm is located in Hetian (or Hotan) at the southern border of the Teklemakan desert. The reclamation is fed by the Wuluwati reservoir on the Kalakashi river, springing south from the Pamir range.

The dam is a concrete-faced-rock-fill dam  138 m high withholding a reservoir of 347 Mm3, providing also hydroelectic power generation (four 15 MW Francis turbines).

The reclamation includes the leveling of sand dunes of the desert, the construction of feeder roads, drainage dikes and break wind lines of trees, laying pipes for drop irrigation, a reservoir, mains ducts and sand filters, housing and common services.

The Italian Cooperation provided a soft loan to supply the irrigation equipment. A mission supervised the site to assess the status of the project and to evaluate the congruity of the loan.



The rendered services included the supervision of the project to assess the needs and benefits provided by the soft loan.

A comprehensive technical report was drafted including the assessment of the ongoing works and the specifications and quantities of the supplies to be provided.



Employer: Pimo Farm Management Office
Client: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Country: China
Date: 2005
Amount: 6.000.000 €