• Czajka WWTP
  • Monitoring and control station

The project to upgrade and expand Warsaw’s Czajka WWTP is the city’s first wastewater treatment works and Poland’s largest. Designed around a population of around 2.1m, the project will more than double the plant’s present 200,000m³/day inflow to routinely deal with a daily 435,000m³, rising to a potential 515,000m³/day at peak times. As a result, sludge production will double to 160,000t per annum, calling for a new thermal treatment process to be installed at the plant to reduce the volume produced to facilitate disposal. The project cost was €500m, with funding from the EU cohesion fund and the local municipality.

The main driver on the extensive modernisation project was the need to meet EU wastewater standards – including limits on nitrogen of 10mg/l and 1mg/l for phosphorus, effective from January 2007 – and to provide adequate treatment for all urban effluent flows.

A key aspect of the facility’s modernisation programme involves a completely new automation installation, providing a comprehensive visualization, control and monitoring system. The design includes nine process stations, more than 60 controllers, two redundant servers, five operators’ workstations, more than 1,000 analogue measurements and in excess of 2,000 drives. Once installed, the SCADA automation and monitoring will ensure optimal flow through the plant processes, providing full control and operational visualisation, with real-time data measurement, equipment status, alarm notification and system failure alerts.

The client is the Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji w Warszawie (Warsaw Water and Wastewater Company). The consortium responsible for project delivery comprises Veolia, Warbud, OTV, Kruger and WTE Wassertechnik, with plant automation being provided by Siemens. Waterways is in charge of the plant model, with the support of DHI Poland.



Implementation of plant model, including water and sludge lines, full control features including STAR system (by Kruger) with aeration tank settling, aeration phasing, sludge wastage and chemical dosing modules, SCADA fall-back mode.


Client: Warsaw Water and Wastewater Company / DHI Poland
Country:  Warsaw, PL
Date: 2011-2012