• Khair Kana Hospital
  • Khair Kana Hospital
  • Khair Kana Hospital

The rehabilitation of the gynecologic hospital of Khair Khana, in Kabul, was funded by the Italian Cooperation. The supervision of the work was commissioned by UNOPS and executed by an Italian NGO, Intersos of Rome.

UNOPS provided the tendering, won by Intersos, the work supervision and the final commissioning. The technical services and engineering was provided by Luciano Serra, (Waterways) hired by UNOPS.

The hospital was in poor conditions. The rehabilitation included the realization of concrete structures, revamping of walls, roofs, stairs, construction of sanitary services, reconstruction of the water system and sanitary services, heating plant, kitchen, mess, the reconstruction and equipment of operating theater, medical rooms and laboratories, supply of furniture and essential consumables.



The service was provided by Luciano Serra as site supervisor during the construction and the commissioning of the work. The supervision included the technical assistance to the contractor.



Employer: UNOPS
Client: UNOPS
Country: Afghanistan
Date: 2002-2003
Amount: 3.000.000 €