• Eindhoven Area
  • Eindhoven WWTP
  • DO in the Dommel River
  • Real Time Control Scenarios
  • 10-year evaluation of scenarios

Waterboard De Dommel intends to control storm and waste water flows to efficiently meet the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive concerning quality of the sensitive receiving water: the Dommel River. Initial cost estimations show that a traditional approach would require investments of about 150 million EUR. With the KALLISTO project, by applying an innovative combination of monitoring and modelling and constructing adequate technical measures, the storm and waste water flows will be actively controlled based on water quality and quantity in the receiving water (so-called pollution load control). By applying this integrated approach, it is expected to save 30% to 70% of the total costs. Based on detailed hydrodynamic models, a fully integrated simplified model including the sewer, the WWTP and the river is implemented in WEST. This allows overcoming: (1) the communication problem typical of linking different software, reducing the possible scenarios to be run, e.g. integrated RTC; (2) the simulation speed problem of detailed models, reducing the time needed to run each (long term) scenario by orders of magnitude, allowing to run Monte Carlo simulations. Kallisto won the first prize at the 2011 Dutch Water Innovation Award.




Implementation of a fully integrated model of the Eindhoven system (catchment/sewer, WWTP and river) in WEST from the detailed models, with focus on water quality. Execution of scenario simulation runs, including integrated RTC, construction of sewer retention volumes, WWTP upgrade, in-stream aeration, etc. Sensitivity analysis of the model and uncertainty analysis of the model scenarios have been performed.



Client: Waterschap De Dommel
Country: Eindhoven, NL
Date: 2011-2012