• Drava River
  • WEST model layout of the Drava River and water quality with different wastewater treatment scenarios

A river water quality model coupled to an ecological status model allowed identifying the consequences of wastewater treatment scenarios for Water Framework Directive compliance.

The aim of this project was to illustrate the convenience of models as tools to guide environmental investments. Based on simulations, the effects of river restoration options were tested and optimal scenarios were identified.

In this study, the use of a combination of models – a river water quality model realized by WATERWAYS in WEST coupled to an ecological status model realized by Ghent University – was illustrated to analyze the relative impact of wastewater discharges on the water quality as well as ecological status of the water system.

The river water quality model was calibrated using data collected within the project.

This technology transfer project was financed by the Flemish Region of Belgium.



Implementation of river water quality model, scenario analysis.



Client: Flemish Region / MOSTforWATER
Country:  Varaždin, HR
Date: 2009-2010