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In the eastern corner of Africa, Djibouti is the only access to the sea for Ethiopia and a strategic observatory and base for the control of the Aden strait (two important military and intelligence bases are established there). Djibouti is one of the pivots of the rift escarpment, important for geology, seismic activity and geothermic resources. The study performed for the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources deals with the water resources of the region, the assessment of the existing studies and the establishment of an environmental baseline, the definition of the strategies to be developed for resources survey, assessment and monitoring, the structure to be set to the purpose, the urgent actions for immediate achievements.



The study was performed in cooperation with the personnel of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources in Djibouti and with the contribution of a team of experts in geology, hydrology and economy.

The resulting report was a negotiation basis between the Djibouti Government with the African Development Bank.



Employer:  Djibouti Government
Client: Studio Fraracci
Country:  Djibouti
Date: 2008