• ICME - Castellana Grotte - 3d vasche
  • Carovigno - Plan of the aqueduct
  • San Gregorio reservoir
  • San Gregorio - Reservoir details
  • ICME - Castellana Grotte - VASCHE
  • San Gregorio area with protected olive trees



Aqueducts and ancillary structures (such as percolating ponds, reservoirs, hydraulic disconnection structures, piping) in Apulia, in the frame of bidding for execution, provided to ICME (Bari).

The owner is the Acquedotto Pugliese (AQP), entity appointed to services of water distribution and wastewater collection and treatment in the Apulia Region.

Processed tenders include:

  • Castellana Grotte percolation basins to dispose underground treated water wastes. Peak discharge about 300 m3/h.
  • Carovigno aqueduct, about 8 km of cast iron piping, with relevant manholes.

San Gregorio reservoir, 400 m3 reservoir for temporary water storage to feed Palù village on the Ionian coast, with  cast iron piping, fittings and valves.



Design activity during the bidding phase for work execution, for ICME (Bari).

Provided services included: site visits, study of the available design, construction methods and work planning, costs and resources analyses, design alternatives, EIA components, study and remedial measures



Employer: Acquedotto pugliese (AQP)
Client: ICME, Bari
Country: Italy
Date: 2012
Amount: 3.500.000 €