• Abha - Upstream view
  • Abha - Inspecting the crest
  • Abha - Owner's visit

A concrete gravity dam 35 m high and 300 m of crest length (arch) located in the vicinities of the Abha town in Asir, Saudi Arabia, on the edge of the Red Sea escarpment, at 2,200 m of elevation. The purpose of the dam is to store water for supply to the town.
The spillway is located on a saddle north of the dam. The sill is a concrete Creager profile shaped structure, followed by an apron and a discharge channel, trapezoidal and concrete lined, restituting the discharges to the Abha river downstream of the dam.
The bottom outlet is a steel lined pipe crossing the main block of the dam and regulated by two gates, one sliding and one on wheels, operated by an oil pressure system.
The design was performed by Italconsult with Prof. Carlo Lotti as consultant and executed by Incas Bonna, contractor of the Montedison group active in Saudi Arabia.
The Work Supervision was performed by Italconsult.
The construction was performed without problems in the years 1971 – 1974.



Luciano Serra was the planning engineer and then the Site Director for the contractor. The dam was the first dam in his career, developed up to the establishment of Waterways and the participation to studies and design of about 100 dams, weirs and hydropower projects in many different countries.



Employer: Ministry of Water Resources – Saudi Arabia
Client: Incas Bonna contractor
Country: Saudi Arabia
Date: 1971-1974