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BEI (Banque Européenne d’Investissement) was requested by the Government of Morocco to finance the works for the enlargement of the reversible hydropower projects of Abdelmoumen and Afourer.

BEI required the revision of the environmental impact assessment for the two projects.

Agreco (Brussels) obtained the contract involving Waterways to manage the study, leading a staff of eight experts. Waterways provided the team leader and the geologist. Other experts (natural sciences, sociologist, surveyor, mechanical engineer) were provided by Agreco.

The study was performed in Morocco in close relation with ONE (Office National d’Electricité). The existing studies, investigations and projects were examined and site visits were performed to provide reports and conclusions to BEI.

The Abdelmoumen scheme is on the Issen river, about 70 km north of Agadir, in the Taroudant Province and Bigoudine rural council.

The existing Abdelmoumen buttress dam (1981) forms a reservoir of 216 Mm3.

The intake of the Abdelmoumen STEP Project is located at the upstream edge of the reservoir, and includes:

  • an upper reservoir located on the Tamrarht plateau about 1,300 m a.s.l., allowing storage of 1.3 Mm3
  • a lower reservoir located 560 metres further down, on a plateau dug at a 740 m altitude, with a storage volume of 1.3 Mm3
  • a 2,935 m penstock connecting the two reservoirs through the turbine-pumping station
  • an aboveground plant housing two identical turbo-pump generators, installed power 412 MW
  • a substation
  • a backup pumping station for water supply to the downstream reservoir, through first filling, then constant filling to offset evaporation
  • electric lines
  • access roads.

The impact of the plant on the environment and risks for the community were identified and remedial actions were proposed.



Waterways provided the team leader, performed site visits, gathered and processed available data, developed issues related to the nature and impact of structures and geological items, prepared the final report coordinating the contribution of the experts in social and natural sectors.



Employer: BEI/ONE
Client: Agreco Brussels
Country:  Marocco
Date: 2007
Amount: 210.000.000 €