• Lynetten WWTP
  • Dommel River water quality scenarios
  • Ostend WWTP
  • Aeration control scenarios
  • Eindhoven WWTP
  • DO Dommel River
  • Drava River

The modelling activities of Waterways s.r.l. have been transferred in 2014 to a separate Croatian company (Waterways d.o.o.) which operates in synergy with Waterways s.r.l.

We execute projects worldwide, to provide engineering decision making support with the use of customized advanced modelling tools and methods.

Examples of fields of application are wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) design and upgrade, real-time control (RTC), optimization, cost reduction (energy and chemicals), operators training. A unique capacity consists of the implementation and use of models for the integrated urban wastewater system, comprising the catchment/sewer system, the WWTP and the receiving water. Such models can be used to evaluate the design of measures in the whole system (e.g. source control, retention volumes, RTC, plant upgrade, in-stream aeration) and evaluate them based on the receiving water quality.

Specific methods applied to the developed models include sensitivity and uncertainty analysis with Monte Carlo simulation and long-term simulations with statistical evaluation.

We operate for public entities or financing bodies and donors, frequently in association or as subcontractor of main consulting firms, providing specific competence and qualifications. We also participate to research projects.




The Principal of Waterways d.o.o. is Lorenzo Benedetti. He obtained a MSc (Florence, Italy; 1999) and a PhD (Ghent, Belgium; 2006) in environmental engineering. He has 15 years of experience in modelling of wastewater systems (sewers, treatment plants, rivers) for design, control, optimisation, upgrade, uncertainty and sensitivity analysis. He is Chairman of the IWA Working Group on Modelling of Integrated Urban Water Systems (MIUWS) and Secretary of the IWA Design and Operations Uncertainty Task Group and author of >40 peer-reviewed journal papers and >90 conference proceedings.

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