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The engineering division manages several fields of activity.Waterways performs technical-economical feasibility studies, design, works supervision and technical assistance for major hydraulic works. Dams and hydropower are the main field of the engineering division, but significant experiences have been achieved also in the domain of transports and road safety, aqueducts, collection and treatment of liquid wastes, irrigation and drainage, flood control and alert systems, management and planning of resources, public or industrial buildings. Waterways operates for public entities or financing bodies and donors, frequently in association or as subcontractor of main consulting firms, providing specific competence and qualifications.

Waterways has a significant experience in assisting contractors studying tenders, planning construction methods, evaluating tender prices, or alternative design for the construction, or as well as providing technical assistance during construction phases, to perform constructive design, or to solve problems as diverting the river, repositioning the dam axis, or stabilizing a landslide.


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Luciano Serra is the Manager of the engineering division.
Luciano Serra graduated in civil engineering (Genoa 1971). He has more than 40 years of experience in design, supervision and technical assistance in several fields of civil engineering. Contributed to design and studies for more than 80 dams and power plants. Professor of EIA in the Urbino University and Secretary of the Environmental group for reservoir’s environmental impact of ITCOLD.

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